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Lotus Notes/Exchange Conversion Consultant

Our client intends to move from the current Lotus Notes platform and implement the industry standard Microsoft Outlook / Exchange platform for email, calendaring and collaboration.

With Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services 2007 recently implemented and plans for implementing Microsoft Office Communications Server, the switch to Microsoft Outlook / Exchange will allow our client to build on the features and functionality available in the Microsoft productivity suite.

The current environment:
· Runs Lotus Notes version 8.5
· Supports 1200 Lotus Notes desktop users throughout various locations
· Blackberry Enterprise Server v5.0 supports 166 Blackberry users for email and calendaring functionality
· Mail servers reside at a central location with clustered pairs at our disaster recovery site running in an Active / Active mode
· Approximately 700 gigs of active mail files
· Approximately 300 gigs of Archive file attachments managed thru Sherpa Mail Attender
· Approximately 1.5 TB of historical journaled mail managed thru Fetch Persuit (copy of every piece of mail in and out of the company for the past 3 years)
· Remote Access is via two load balanced pass thru servers, one onsite and the other offsite
· Mirrored Recovery / Lights Out facility exists at an offsite location
· Features such as Notes calendaring and group mailboxes are utilized
· Current back up software used is CommVault Simpana 8.0
· Fetch pursuit and Sherpa mail attender are in use for data mining and email attachment archiving
· Customized Domino applications exist for room booking, reservation, document management and customer request tracking.

The client requests for the following services related to the implementation Microsoft Outlook /
Exchange 2010 and the migration from Lotus Notes:

· Development of a detailed plan for the implementation / migration process
· Confirmation of a proposed configuration architecture diagram
· Installation, configuration, complete migration from Lotus Notes, testing, verification and documentation to Microsoft Exchange 2010
· Provision of advice, instruction, knowledge transfer, verification / confirmation for the following:
o The configuration of Active Directory Services to support the new exchange platform
o The configuration of the Outlook 2010 client
o The installation and testing of backup software and hardware to backup the Outlook /Exchange environment
o The development of detailed Disaster Recovery planning and procedures in relation to their existing ‘lights out’ back up facility.
o The setup of appropriate Anti-spam / mal-ware protection
o The utilization of mobile access features to enable wireless handheld devices to access email, calendaring, and tasks with the Microsoft messaging solution.
o The enabling remote management to the Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server and Microsoft 2010 File Server
· Fit gap relating their current documented environment to the target environment as insurance that all current functionality is maintained moving forward.
· Enablement of new functionality that will take advantage of the integrated Microsoft environment (Outlook / Exchange / Communications Server / Sharepoint)
· Conversion of their Domino Doc application is NOT in scope for this project