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Exceptional IT Staffing

About Onico

Onico is an industry leader in IT Staffing and IT Resource Consulting Services. Onico’s IT Staffing and Resource Consulting experience is a culmination of over 20 years of industry experience. Our experience gives us the ability to best advise clients on current market trends and help them resource candidates to achieve their corporate goals.
  • ONICO SOLUTIONS only employs IT professionals who are the best in their field.
  • Candidates are screened according to Onico Solutions’ leading edge methodologies to ensure the most accurate profile.
  • This means that the selected candidates dovetail with the overall corporate culture of our clients.
  • Our clients benefit from our IT market experience and increase productivity.

Our Philosophy


Onico Solutions believes that “World Class” IT staffing begins with the right people. Our methodologies have allowed us to highlight key interpersonal and technical skill sets. We believe that a person has defined character traits that are formed at a very early age. Our success is attributable to employing IT professionals who have the character traits and technical requirements that match our client environments.

The Right Fit

We believe that success is a two way street. In order to achieve staffing success not only do our clients’ have to like our people but our people have to like our clients. At Onico we never try to put a “square peg in a round hole”. We endeavour to ensure each IT professional has the opportunity to explore a client opportunity. We feel to be successful in the workplace you have to enjoy getting up every day to go work. If you enjoy what you do, success will naturally follow. We employ several proprietary steps to ensure our candidates are the right fit for our clients and vice versa. We are experts at creating a successful marriage between our IT professionals and our clients.

Our Mission

At Onico we are continually engineering solutions to match our IT professionals with our client requirements.

“World Class” IT Professionals

At Onico Solutions our core competency is IT Staffing and Support. This allows us to concentrate our efforts on finding IT professionals that are the perfect match for our client environments. We use our proven methodologies to search for certain traits in an individual that we have defined in our client environments.

Coachability – Emotional Intelligence – Motivation – Temperament – Technical Competence – Dedication – Commitment

Onico Solutions’ methodologies match the right inherent abilities to the right position.

Why Onico

Core Competent in IT Staffing & Support

  • All of our time and research is focused on IT Staffing and Support
  • Years of experience providing IT Staffing Solutions
  • Setting the Standards for IT Staffing and Support

Proprietary Processes & Methodologies

  • Comprehensive Processes combining Onico’s proven formula with Industry Best Practices
  • Onico’s IT professionals are selected using leading edge psychological and technical methodologies

Value Based Staffing

  • Save Time!
  • Reduce costs!
  • Increase productivity!
  • Gain and maintain a higher level of competence!
  • Encourage retention and effectiveness!